Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SL4 progress

Cambridge has converted its DPM server to 64bit SL4. Plan to start migrating WNs next week.

Very easy to deploy, 32bit SL4, yum and yaim used. Using existing second ce to direct jobs to the WNs. Have passed tests from OPS. Babar farm switched off due to Air Conditioning problems.

dcache servers are running SL4
30 WN cpus now running 32bit SL4 there is a new ce to direct jobs to these. This will be advertised from next Monday (23rd July)

SouthGrid shared calendar setup in google to help coordinate holidays and meetings.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oxford site ce swamped by Biomed jobs

At the end of last week the Oxford ce was swamped by hundreds of biomed jobs, the que was disabled, and the ce rebooted, but manual killing and tidying up was required before the ce stabilised.

Oxford DWB Computer room update

The floor is complete

External power boards ready, and live.

Walls painted, smoke detections systems installed (red pipes) and the ceiling is being installed this week.

Under floor electrical wiring and network cabling should start tomorrow.