Friday, August 25, 2006

Condor Problems at Cambridge

The glite CE requires a version of Condor which is a developmet fork, and not the production release.
Santanu expects very few production sites to ever consider using a development release and yet LCG has a dependacy on it.
The second number in the release version is even for production and odd for development.
The numbers in question are; lcg requires 6.7.10-1 but Cambridge says 6.6.x-x is more likely at a production site or may be the next release which will be 6.8.x-x.

First Post

Visited Yves at Birmingham on Monday 21st . Discussed the throughput tests he has been carrying out between Bristol and Ral and Bham. Carried out some tests between Oxford and Bham.

Whole building power testing at Oxford on Wednesday 23rd. Set queues to disabled on Monday to force quese to drain. I had previously marked all the nodes offline which meant Oxford failed some SFT's, just disabling the VO queues is a better way to do it. All systems came back OK on Thursday morning.

Yves has been helping Culham get the EDFA-JET site up and running via email. They are very nearly there.